Film Your Own Wedding Video

There are many reasons why people believe they don’t want a wedding video, some people don’t like the thought of a massive camera or strange wedding videographer.

 Wedding video and photos

So if you decide you don’t want to pay someone else to film your wedding there is another option. Some companies are now offering to hire you a camcorder, for one of your friends or family to use then the company will edit your footage together onto a dvd. Not only does this work out cheaper, it may offer advantages over a tradtional video.

Advantages of filming your own wedding

You a likely to react in a more natural way to a camera when held by someone you know well. Why not share the duties around, let your bridesmaids film your preparations in the morning, your uncle film the service and the best man get some reaction from guests in the evening.

The video company then take your footage and try to turn it into a watchable dvd! There are some issues, with the main one being that is likely there will be very little experience of filming a wedding amongst your guests. Your family or friends might be responsible for missing big moments! Also things like sound, positioning and lighting have to be right and this often takes experience. Not all professionals are that good at filming weddings, they are a live event with many issues and variables- they are not east to film professionally!

Tips on shooting Your own Wedding

First, you need to have a list of all locations that will be used on the wedding day; this includes the places where both bride as well as groom will get ready. Make sure that you have all the phone numbers for the locations in had so you can easily call and ask for directions should you find yourself getting lost.

You should prepare all of the equipment you will use for the wedding video the night before. All the batteries of the cameras you will use needs to be fully charged and that you have plenty of blank tapes on hand. Check if the on cameras light as well as the lenses are clean and pack everything the evening before the event. Arrive early on each location and always make sure that you have plenty of footage of the happy couple getting married. Capture the speeches as well as the important parts of the ceremony such as cake cutting, doves, bouquet throwing, etc.

Too scary? You could compromise

Why not have a professional and a camera for your friends and family to use. This footage could then be mixed in the edit or used as an extras section on the dvd.





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